Jeremy Wagner

Hi, I'm Jeremy.

I'm a web performance consultant, developer, writer, and speaker. I work to make the web faster for everyone, everywhere.

A photo of Jeremy Wagner smiling with his arms crossed. He usually doesn't look this relaxed.

I write.

A central part of my learning is documenting it. This has lead to articles and books. I also write on my blog when the mood strikes. My latest article is: Responsible JavaScript: Part III

The book cover for The WebP Manual

I speak.

Sometimes I talk about the web. If you'd like me to speak at your event, let's talk. Latest talk: The Weirdly Practical World of Paint Worklets.

A stylized photo of Jeremy Wagner speaking at an event. I mean, look at this guy, you'd think he was a pro at stuff judging by how good this photo looks.

I make things.

I make things when the mood strikes me. I've written various bits of open source software, and even a little music. Take a peek if you're so inclined.

A stylized photo of a very stylish mechanical keyboard (it's a Night Fox).